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Site news

2018-07-05: HTTPS support added, go here to try it out.
2015-11-26: Added ZeroBin AES256 pastebin tool.
2014-03-03: Changed Bitcoin API to
2013-10-08: Fixed socket timeout in Python.
2013-09-25: Added base64 option to the UU share module.
2013-09-15: Added UU share module, from idea to reality in 48 hours.
2013-09-04: Added Bitcoin stats Python module.
2013-09-03: First Alpha version of complete.
2013-09-02: Domain registered.
Bend3r-"The lazy coder who thinks he has some control over me posts here."

Bitcoin stats

BTC Rates (from API):
Volume: 18259.44085860 BTC
Last: 12612.00 USD
Bid: 12607.45 USD
Ask: 12619.90 USD
High: 12935.58000000 USD
Low: 11059.00000000 USD

Current difficulty: 7.40939924909E12
Current block count: 582514
Next difficulty at block: 582513
Average block interval: 578.2568 seconds
Hash probability: 0.00000000000000000000003142368710694935

Bend3r-"Bitcoin FTW! This is my kind of currency. The stats here are updated every hour, so don't use it for critical trading decisions. Hey, while you're at it, go ahead and sponsor a poor robot (me) on a night out with binary ladies, whiskey and cigars. Send your Bitcoins to this address: 1L7k2Yt5bh1wXmLsbUH9CKrBwpynzYbZZM. Sweet, thanks."

UU share

Bend3r-"Give the lazy coder a cigar! This service is useful if you want to convert small binaries to text (ASCII) form suitable for posting in forums, as comments, on pastebin and similar services. Also works nicely in forums where attachments aren't allowed. Keep in mind that most places have a limit on the size of your posts, so this service is for small files, the smaller the better. The maximum file size is set to 880KB (Amiga floppy size) for nostalgic reasons. I recommend 7-Zip if you need to compress something before sharing using the upload function (see below). Uuencoding/uudecoding is old technology dating back to the dawn of Unix, now implemented in a new way, for interesting purposes. I can already sense your meatbag brain cooking up ideas for clever ways to use this, but play nice, OK?! Trivia: The first project name suggestion was 'Floppy share', then the lazy coder came up with 'UU share' which has a sexy ring to it, it's all about 'YOU-YOU', hehe.!"

Upload your binary file to convert (uuencode) to text:

Download the shared uuencoded files here.

Bend3r-"This is where you upload the small binary file (zip, 7z, exe, whatever) to convert to text (ASCII) form by choosing a file in your file system and pressing [uuencode] to upload/convert. Note that the file uploaded will also be instantly shared and available for download to anyone, and there is no delete function (yet). After you have uploaded the file, if all went well, the current browser window should reload a new page which contain the uuencoded text data, be smart and bookmark that page for later reference. On this page you probably want to select all data (ctrl+a), copy to clipboard (ctrl+c), and then finally paste it somewhere (ctrl+v) on a forum, pastebin, or wherever ASCII text is accepted. The uploaded file retains original filename in the uuencoding header, but on the web server the file is renamed to the binary MD5 checksum of the original uploaded file with the extension '_uu.txt' (or '_base64.txt') added."

Paste text (uuencoded) data for binary conversion below:

Bend3r-"Use this form to paste any uuencoded text you find out there and convert it back to the binary form by clicking [uudecode]. This is where the MD5 checksum comes in handy if you got one, to verify if the file is intact once downloaded. If the file is an archive you can just integrity test that instead. I'm getting tired of explaining this, my circuits are overheating, high time for Hypnotoad and a beer."


Bend3r-"ZeroBin is a minimalist, opensource online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data. Data is encrypted/decrypted in the browser using 256 bits AES. I love encryption xoxo!"

Go here for ZeroBin:

Site updated on (Unix time): 1561548626

Bend3r-"Some of you wiseass nerds might think Unix time is a bad choice because it will overflow on 19 January 2038, think again. Unix time (time_t) has been updated to 64bit in Linux, so it will last billions of years, by that time the Sun has theoretically expanded into a red giant and swallowed the Earth, in effect turned all humans into ashes, so don't worry, great times ahead!"

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